Jobs and Internships at Lokad


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Lokad is always looking for highly talented people to develop the company. Don't hesitate to apply for any position listed in this section, or even for positions that are not listed if your application is relevant nonetheless.


Quantitative supply chains are the future: where every possible future gets a probability, where every possible decision gets an economic score, and where control is given back to management thanks to extensive automation. Lokad's goal is to make this future a reality. We help companies do more with their supply chains, their inventories and their production capacities than classical methods would ever allow. Our technology combines big data and machine learning. Our teams deliver the supply chain expertise.

We are are primarily looking for full-time positions in Paris, France. If you are interested in Lokad, apply by sending your resume to .

Business Analysts

Supply Chain Scientists are the largest team at Lokad. You will learn how to pilot and optimize large scale supply chains. With great power comes great responsibility.

Software Engineers

Software engineers are the second largest team at Lokad. You will refine your skills at crafting outstanding pieces of software. You will be building the platform that support the work of the supply chain scientists.

Business Developers

Business developers bridge the gap between companies that (frequently) don't realize that traditional supply chain recipes are broken by design and the unique methodology and technology that Lokad has developed. You will learn what make supply chains tick, what prevent them to do so, and how to make them better.