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Become a qualified partner

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We offer to consulting groups and IT experts an attractive technology that is easily integrated in their portfolio, allowing them to increase differentiation, revenues and client satisfaction.

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Benefits for your clients

Half of of the surveyed online shoppers find products to be out-of-stock 25% of the time. 57% of these customers typically go to a competitors’ websites or retail locations to find the products they seek. The Online Inventory Impact Survey, May 2007, BetweenMarkets
Less cost. Imagine the money your clients can save if they know more accurately how much and when they will sell. Less inventory, less stock obsolescence, or less staff.

More revenue. Imagine how much more revenue your clients can generate if they know better how much they could sell. No shortages, no loss of loyalty, or no idle employees.

Less time invested but increased forecast accuracy. Imagine how much of your clients’ time is saved when the forecasting is done in fully automated way, as frequently as forecasts are needed.

Our forecasting technology is typically deployed while maintaining a positive cash flow: by the time your client receives their first Lokad's invoice, the benefits brought by our forecasts have already paid for the setup costs.

Yet, in order to get the most of our forecasts, we need experts, such as consultants and data integrators, who can assists our prospects to tune their business operations to closely fit the expected demand. If you are able to do that, then you're most likely eligible to become a qualified partner.

Your benefits

Tap into our lead flow. Depending on your core skills, we may not only provide the forecasting technology, but we may provide leads as well, that is to say, we provide contact information of companies that have expressed their interest in using Lokad and getting some extra help from partners. Our qualified partners help us to take over those leads.

Differentiate as forecasting is one of the very few business optimization that can increase the profitability of a company without any significant upfront investment. Instead of going straight for a tough sell that involve a business re-organization, prove your value first with a low hanging fruit such as Lokad.

Increase revenue through consulting and integration missions as qualified partners typically charge our clients to help them getting started with our forecasting technology. Then, we also offer revenue sharing as well, which will provide additional recurrent revenues.

Non Disclosure Agreement

In order to become a qualified Lokad, the Partnership Agreement must be signed by the applicant and returned to Lokad (a scan send by email to is perfect, don't forget to sign each page of the document).

The agreement is first and foremost a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between your company and Lokad. Indeed, as our prospects have entrusted Lokad with their contact information, we are strongly committed in enforcing their rights to privacy and the confidentiality of their data. Hence, we don't hand over any nominative information without both the consent of the prospect and a NDA signed by the partner. Then, the agreement states that the prospect information and data must be treated as strictly confidential by default, that is to say that unless explicitly stated otherwise, all prospect information and data should be treated as confidential.

Code of Conduct

Beyond confidentiality, we expect our partners to follow a code of conduct while contacting prospects: prospects have expressed a consent to get assistance to get started with Lokad, and with Lokad only.

Contacts established with the prospects must be solely focused on providing relevant and complementary services to Lokad. The partnership comes with an obligation of focus. In particular, if the prospect is not more interested in the Lokad services, then, the lead itself should be reported as lost by the partner (using Lokad.Leads), and no more commercial solicitations should be take toward the prospect (unless the prospect takes the initiative to re-express an interest for either Lokad or the partner services).

If the prospect engages a contractual relationship with the qualified partner, then the partner is relieved from the obligation of focus. The prospect has become a client of the partner, and Lokad somehow steps back from the relationship (although, we hopefully delivers forecasts to the client).

In other words, the establishment of the relationship must be grounded on the initial prospect will, which is to get extra support to get started with Lokad, not on unrelated product or services. Then, once the contractual relationship is established between the partner and the prospect turned client, we see no ground to enforce any more such obligation (but the partner must still enforce the Non Disclosure Agreement nonetheless).

How to apply

In order to apply to Lokad, just drop an email to with
  • relevant business information (company name, address, ...),
  • your website URL,
  • a email address to be used for lead notification (*).
  • a few words about your specific interest for Lokad.

We don't accept applications from companies that do not have a public website. The website must exposes your business coordinates, and carry relevant information concerning your business expertise.

We do not accept shared domain name for the email address such, or The domain name of the email address must be owned by the applicant.

(*) A word of caution: this email address may later be used by Lokad to send to confidential information to the partner. Once the NDA is signed, it is the duty of the partner to ensure that the email box is secured, and that employees, who have an access, have signed a NDA as well.

Later on, the email address used for notification can be changed at any time upon written request send to Lokad by the partner. Please grant us one business week to confirm the validity of the proposed change and update the email in the Lokad.Leads database.

Program fees

There is no fee associated with the Lokad partnership.

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What people say

Classical solutions require too much manpower and don't scale correctly over hundreds of thousands of products. Lokad and Windows Azure were exactly the solution my business needed. Pierre-Noël Luiggi, CEO of Oscaro
The Lokad forecasting solution allows us to precisely forecast our sales and to optimize our inventory accordingly. The result is there: we are maintaining a 99% customer satisfaction level and deliver food that is often fresher than what can be found at local pet stores. Anthony Holloway, CEO at k9cuisine

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