Salescast, demand forecasting and inventory optimization software

Salescast, inventory optimization software

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Webapp that delivers inventory optimization by providing reorder points ("when to order?") and reorder quantities ("how much to order?"). Optimization is based on the Lokad's advance demand forecasting technology.

Best suited for commerce and manufacturing. No statistical skills required. Suitable for both large and small companies. Salescast imports your historical data (i.e. sales) and generates Microsoft Excel reports and flat file exports.

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What our clients are saying

Oscaro Classical solutions require too much manpower and don't scale correctly over hundreds of thousands of products.Lokad and Windows Azure were exactly the solution my business needed.

Pierre-Noël Luiggi, CEO of Oscaro

K9Cuisine The Lokad forecasting solution allows us to precisely forecast our sales and to optimize our inventory accordingly. The result is there: we are maintaining a 99% customer satisfaction level and deliver food that is often fresher than what can be found at local pet stores.

Anthony Holloway, CEO at k9cuisine

Bizline Lokad improved the accuracy of our planning process significantly. The immediate impact was a stock reduction of almost 1 million € at a monthly cost of 150€. It was almost frightening to see our inventory levels getting so low! But what impressed me most is the ease of implementation and use. The integration was painless, and now it takes only a the click of a button and within 10 minutes I receive my forecast. The time saving for me is significant.

Thomas Brémont, Head of Supply Chain Bizline