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Why choosing BotDefender?

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BotDefender aims to be the most affordable and the most powerful counterintelligence service of the market.

Designed for commerce

Most of the anti-bot solutions have been designed to protect some valuable content from being crawled and indexed by robots. BotDefender is different. BotDefender is not trying to protect your website from being crawled. On the contrary, we believe that, overall, as far commerce is concerned, the more robots index and reference your site the better.

The only information that needs to be protected is your prices. Obviously, you could desire to prevent your competitors from accessing your website altogether, but, due to the nature of the web, it's just not feasible. However, prices are just a tiny fragment of information in your pages; and protecting this fragment is much easier than trying to protect the whole site.

BotDefender leverages a commerce viewpoint to deliver the best counterintelligence technology dedicated to the very specific case of countering the automated price extraction in commerce.

In-house solutions are fragile

BotDefender was started as a product after observing that in-house counterintelligence solutions build by our clients were fragile. Indeed, it's easy to come up once with an HTML idea that will most likely break an existing script scraping your site. However, competitors - possibly aided by competitive intelligence specialists - adapt, and within one week the price extraction script comes back to life, supporting the latest version of your site.

As far security is concerned, there is only one thing worse than no security, it's a false sense of security.
In order to deliver a high level of security, BotDefender is changing. Your competitors will not need to crack the case just once, but as frequently as we update the technology. It's an arm race between the scraping and the anti-scraping tools. However, we observe that it takes 100x more efforts to de-entangle a protection that as compared to the cost of setting-up the protection in the first place.