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Customer References

freshdirect using inventory optimization software
Air France KLM Engineering using inventory optimization software
The Elephant Pants using inventory optimization software
oscaro using inventory optimization software
emporium cookshop using inventory optimization software
MaxiCoffee distributor of coffee blends and coffee machines
Mister Auto using inventory optimization software
adatsys using inventory optimization software
Kiravans uses Lokad inventory optimization software
Street And House using inventory optimization software
Mishimoto using inventory optimization software
3 Sprouts using inventory optimization software
Medcomtech using inventory optimization software
DJ tech tools using inventory optimization software
Kirstin Ash using inventory optimization software
MMA Warehouse using inventory optimization software
Fusion using inventory optimization software
Abco safety using inventory optimization software
Conquer using inventory optimization software
Laptop battery using inventory optimization software

Over 2 Billion

MaxiCoffee using inventory optimization software
MaxiCoffee is a leading online coffee expert, serving individuals and businesses alike. With more than 6 000 products, 200 000 customers, and 80 employees, MaxiCoffee is facing increasingly complex supply chain challenges to keep delivering coffee machines, all kind of coffee blends, theas, chocolates and more...

Lokad's approach really fits Maxicoffee’s innovation strategy. Through the analysis of our data with Lokad’s algorithms, we were able to set up operational and strategic KPIs to gain better insight on how to cover demand for our customers, all the while staying aligned with our Supply Chain constraints and applying a policy of stock reduction. A top-line Supply Chain Scientist accompanied our in-house team to help them build up their skills. Thus, they were able to dedicate more time to focusing on the deep understanding and optimization of strategical inbound decisions instead of getting swamped in operational issues. Lastly, Lokad's specific forecasting methods allowed us to correct and re-orient our e-commerce policy with a high degree of accuracy.

Emmanuel Cubié, ‎Associate Director of Supply Chain,


3 Sprouts using inventory optimization software
3 Sprouts was created by three friends who share a love of babies and an appreciation for unique and modern products. Having worked in design in New York and Toronto for such high profile companies such as Kate Spade, Barneys New York and Holt Renfrew, they were inspired to create a collection that appealed to both parents and children.

We needed a solution at 3 Sprouts that would help us manage our inventory as we grew rapidly. Lokad helped us forecast inventory for all markets and created a system that generates purchase orders for our various warehouses. Lokad took a daunting process and made it simple and more accurate.

Banu Khurana, Co-Owner of 3 Sprouts,


3D Coiffure is using Lokad for inventory optimization
3Dcoiffure offers a selection of hair relooking products of professional quality. Their products are known and loved by a growing number of hair stylists. Products are rigorously controlled at every stage of their production.

The solution is robust and reliable, with no frills. It allows you to be productive on a daily basis and its ease of use is rare for a software of this kind. We have optimized our cash flow, our stock levels, our margins, and rationalized our spendings. Most of all, we now feel secure as we have a realistic picture of our activity available at any moment. Before, we were flying without instruments, and now, we are navigating with precision. One more thing that you likely won't find with another vendor: you are free and self-sufficient. We are fully satisfied; we are in contact with professionals who are listening to our problems, who know their solution, and most importantly who know how our business works.

Jérome Rénaglia, Founder of Street & House,


The mordern man using inventory optimization software
The Modern Man is an Ecommerce based in the UK that provides a comprehensive selection of male grooming products for skincare, haircare and whole body care, with formulas created from some of the best-known and most-loved brands, as well as alternative ranges that provide something a little different.

Within a few hours, I have been able to import the reorder levels from Lokad into my ordering system and generate the first wave of orders to the suppliers. I feel much more relieved that a sensible system is looking after my stock levels now, rather than me just guessing. By the way, I run this company by myself, so the smallest company using Lokad now is just 1 person!

Matthew Crowson, Owner of The Modern Man,


Oscaro using inventory optimization software
Oscaro is the largest Auto Parts eCommerce in Europe. It has achieved this position by offering the lowest prices on an extremely wide range of items, while at the same time providing extended customer support. It carries over 300,000 different product references, and has the ambition to expand this catalog up to a million references in the future.

Our business has been doubling every year. Great customer service is one of the keys to our success. But maintaining outstanding customer service while undergoing such growth is becoming a challenge and it requires the best demand forecasting that the market can offer. Classical solutions require too much manpower and don't scale well over hundreds of thousands of products. Lokad and Windows Azure were exactly the solution my business needed.

Pierre-Noël Luiggi, CEO of Oscaro,


k9 cuisine using inventory optimization software
k9cuisine is a leading online retailer of premium dog food and organic dog food & treats. It offers its customers a great shopping experience, and takes pride in its outstanding customer services, which is what allows it to outperform the competition.

Fresh food is good food. In order to deliver the best food quality to our customers while at the same time avoiding shortages, we make sure that we don’t overstock and also that we don’t run out. The Lokad forecasting solution allows us to forecast our sales precisely and to optimize our inventory accordingly. The results are clear: we are maintaining a 99% customer satisfaction level and deliver food that is often fresher than what can be found at local pet stores.

Anthony Holloway, CEO at k9cuisine,

Kira Vans is using Lokad for inventory optimization
2005. Two brothers. One used camper van for hire. All well and good until they realised just how difficult it was to source decent conversion parts quickly and easily. And so began the mission to simplify, de-mystify and reduce the cost of building a camper van.

As an importer & online retailer we are always under pressure to balance stock holding, availability of products for sale, and variable lead times. Before Lokad we had long periods out of stock on key products, despite spending a huge amount of time on forecasting and planning our order cycles. Since we implemented Lokad a year ago we are now holding 10% less stock while increasing our sales by 40%, and it is taking dramatically less time to manage our buying processes. Stock outs are now dramatically reduced so we are very happy Lokad clients.

Robert McCandless, Owner at Kira Vans,


Fuddlebucks using inventory optimization software
Fuddlebucks is a family owned and operated company selling hunting gear, survival gear, and gun parts and accessories.

Our mission is to provide the best brands to sportsmen & sportswomen with the best possible service. We love what we sell and have a passion for it. Our partnership with Lokad has been a critical part of our growth. Staying competitive in ecommerce means having your products in stock. The advanced inventory forecasting that Lokad provides means that you can precisely dial into needs of your customers without having expensive sitting inventory all while having the support one of the best teams in the industry. Thanks Lokad!

Mike Buckley, Owner, Fuddlebucks

TSTE using inventory optimization software
The Spice & Tea Exchange® (TSTE®) is a franchise with more than 30 locations in US dedicated to bringing to market a huge selection of gourmet spices - everything from A to Z; including an assortment of blends, teas, salts, sugars and more. TSTE's selection of fresh gourmet spices is second to none and they hand-mix a over 75 custom blends in the store for maximum freshness. If you can't find it there, it probably does not exist!

At TSTE, we are committed to selling fine spices, blends, fresh herbs, custom blends and gourmet teas. Offering as much variety as possible while keeping everything as fresh as possible is a subtle balance. With Lokad, we extract the historical data from our ERP system and we see exactly what we need to order. Since our product has a shelf-life and our products need to be at their freshest, our goal is to get products to our customers with minimal storage times while never being backordered. The Lokad system has become an important tool for us in our never ending quest to satisfy our customers.

Jeffrey Davis, Managing Partner, The Spice & Tea Exchange


C discount using inventory optimization software
Cdiscount is one of the largest online businesses in France with over €1bn in sales and more than 8 million customers. More than 100.000 products in computer, media, electronics, home and textile are provided at discount prices.

As the No1 Ecommerce in France, we want to use the vast amount of data that is created by our business to make smarter, faster decisions in many areas of our business. Lokad provides us with deep technological know-how concerning cloud computing, Big Data and 'smart decision' technologies. Instead of trying to fit a 'do-it-all' framework on top of our business, Lokad started with our goals and requirements and put together a lean and efficient approach together with a first proof of concept, while bringing a strong strategic vision on how to set up the technology platform.

Guillaume de Lacroix, Head of Marketing,


Mishimoto using inventory optimization software
Mishimoto Automotive Performance is a leader in aftermarket cooling components. Mishimoto offers car and race enthusiasts of all levels and interests quality upgrades from aluminum radiators to racing thermostats which will significantly enhance engine performance.

Our sales forecasting was non-existent before discovering Lokad. We now have a reliable forecasting solution and have been able to reduce our carrying inventory levels by 35%!

Chris Valis, Director of Operations, Mishimoto,


Ecodeal using inventory optimization software is the leading eCommerce in Finland supplying high quality organic food, certified organic cosmetics, ecological detergents and other wellness products. Ecodeal combines authenticity, quality and ecology with wellbeing.

We are very satisfied with the features and flexibility of Lokad. We have been using Lokad's services in our e-commerce business and plan to extend them to our wholesale business. Lokad has become a strategic tool for us that facilitates our expansion to new product groups and new markets.

Ville Salomäki, CEO of Ecodeal,