Data Import and Export - Features


Data import and export

Lokad offers a cloud-based file hosting service which is tailored toward business data files. In order to deliver demand forecasts or optimized prices, Lokad can process any file hosted in your account.

Import and export files from Lokad


Import your data

Lokad loads and processes tabular files that are stored in your account. Lokad supports a wide spectrum of data formats such as CSV or Excel sheets. If your company uses one of our built-in integrations, your business data import will be handled automatically. However, it is also possible to load files manually or use automated file transfer protocols, such as SFTP, FTPS and FTP.

Export your reports

Everything in Lokad can be exported as Excel sheets or flat files (CSV). Those data files can be download through the web, and directly injected into your Lokad account in order to offer the possibility to perform a programmatic retrieval through (S)FTP.