Probabilistics Forecasts - Features


Probabilistic forecasts

Check also our section dedicated to our forecasting technology.

Lokad has developed a forecasting technology that is uniquely suitable for supply chain optimization. We deliver probabilistic forecasts which are about the only statistical method that works when dealing with erratic or intermittent demand.

Histogram illustrating a probabilistic forecast


Advanced forecast technology

Our commitment is to deliver the best forecast that technology can produce. Our technology leverages machine learning and big data. We also use high-dimensional correlation between products. Indeed, when considering products in isolation, there is usually not enough data to produce an accurate forecast.

Zero statistical skills required

Our forecasting engine does not require any statistical skills to be operated as it auto-configures itself based entirely on the data that is provided. Compared to traditional approaches, it does not only save months of work, but it also contributes to increased accuracy.

Batteries included

Seasonality, trends, product lifecycles, collections, promotions, stock-outs, day of the week, day of the month, bulk purchases, project-based purchases … all these demand patterns are managed automatically by our forecasting engine. If the data exists then Lokad will make the most of it.