Inventory Performance - Features


Inventory performance

You can’t optimize what you don’t measure. With Lokad, you can craft the exact KPIs that your business needs to track its inventory performance. Naturally, we also use it to track the performance of Lokad’s own inventory suggestions.

Inventory performance


One-page dashboards

Unlike solutions that force you to drill-down through walls of vanity metrics, Lokad lets you gather all of your KPIs into one page. Naturally, you can create as many dashboards as you like, each time crafting the exact set of metrics that you want to see together.

Blazingly fast display

Even the most complex dashboards rarely take more than 500ms (half a second) to be displayed. All of our dashboards are fully pre-computed for near-instant display no matter how many gigabytes of input data have been processed to produce those numbers.

Share your dashboards

Our dashboards can be embedded into any third-party webapp as long you can insert a tiny HTML snippet (iframe inclusion). Lokad supports full collaborative approaches where everyone can look at the same numbers at the same time.