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Reorder quantities

Optimizing the purchase orders is not only a delicate operation - it should not just reflect the future demand but all the economic drivers as well - it’s usually a very time-consuming operation as well. Lokad completely streamlines this challenge.

Optimized Order Quantities suggested by Lokad


Forecasts + Economic drivers

We combine the probabilistic forecasts produced by our forecasting engine with all the relevant economic drivers for your company: carrying costs, cost of stock-outs, gross-margins, shipment costs, in order to calculate purchase order quantities that maximize the returns for every single dollar or euro that you put into your inventory.

Recompute everything anytime

When we say that we can deliver your next fully optimized purchase order in 1 click, it’s not exactly true, because Lokad can actually schedule the operation to bring to down the actual number of clicks to zero. In any case, we strive for full automation to refresh all your numbers as frequently as you need them.