Tired of unbearable processing delays and limitations? With Lokad, processing dozens of gigabytes is painless, and processing multiple terabytes requires only minimum efforts.

Scalability offered by Lokad


Faster, Faster, Faster

Our data storage and data processing are distributed on a cloud computing platform – Microsoft Azure. This way, your calculations don’t get stuck as they would when being processed on a single server. In this respect, our approach is similar to alternative Big Data solutions. However, in addition, Lokad has been fully optimized to handle specific situations encountered in commerce, manufacturing and supply chain. Here, we are typically an order of magnitude faster compared to generic solutions.

Lean terabyte processing

Lokad lets your company process up to multiple terabytes of data almost effortlessly. We believe that we deliver one of the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) on the market when it comes to terabyte processing (1 terabyte = 1000 gigabytes). First, Lokad is a PaaS (Platform as a Service), meaning that your IT won’t have to deal with yet another cluster of VMs. Second, our algorithms have been intensively adapted for managing inventory or situations relating to pricing; frequently yielding massive speed-ups over generic approaches.