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Script everything

Not enough time to start scripting? Just get an expert from Lokad to handle this for you.

When it comes to business optimization, every single detail matters. In order to cope with all business rules, no matter how complex, Lokad has designed a programming language - Envision - specifically tailored for commerce.

The Envision script editor within Lokad


Excel on steroids

Excel has some very good properties: it keeps the data very close to you, and it gives you a lot of flexibility to define your own rules or calculations. Envision provides the same features, but powered by the cloud. With Envision you can process files much larger than you could ever do with Excel.

Business users in mind

Generic programming languages are tough precisely because they offer the possibility to do anything. However, Envision is very unlike those languages: Envision is accessible to anyone fluent with Excel formulas. The "trick" behind Envision is a narrow focus: Envision is completely focused on commerce, which eliminates entire classes of problems.