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Competitors on Forecasting Software Market

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This page is dedicated to the forecasting software marketplace. If you're not familiar with forecasting software, check out our introduction to the Worlds of Forecasting Software.

Statistical forecasting covers various business needs such as inventory optimization (through demand planning) or out-of-shelf detection, inventory intelligence, etc. See What is time-series forecasting? for a big picture of the conceptual model and its business applications.

We believe that Lokad has a couple of rather unique traits in the market of forecasting solutions:

  • Robotized, not just a mere automation, but an end-to-end commoditization of the forecasting process.
  • Indefinitely scalable, and no, being able to demo on 1000 time-series is no scalability proof. Scalability starts at 10 millions time-series.
  • No forecast denial, we keep delivering forecasts even for product launches or promotions; and nearly all the edge situations as well.

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