Junior Business Data Analyst


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Quantitative supply chains are the future: where every possible future gets a probability, where every possible decision gets an economic score, and where control is given back to management thanks to extensive automation. Lokad's goal is to make this future a reality. We help companies do more with their supply chains, their inventories and their production capacities than classical methods would ever allow. Our technology combines big data and machine learning. Our teams deliver the supply chain expertise.

We’re looking for the right candidate to join our Business Data Analyst team and become part of a fast-growing company that rewards hard work and is always on the look for people that will demonstrate they’re able to grow with the company. This is a great start for a career path, either as a future technical expert or as manager or head of a business unit.

We help companies in different verticals (aerospace, automotive, ecommerce…) to forecast and make decisions about their inventory. The vast majority of our clients are based outside of France, mainly in North America and other Anglo-Saxon countries.

As a Business Data Analyst, your role is to make sure our clients get the most from Lokad. You will address complex supply chain issues and craft quantitative strategies. Your goal is also to keep refining these strategies over time to keep them aligned with the needs of our clients.

At Lokad, you will benefit from the extensive training and coaching of our expert team. You will gain skills in supply chain, predictive analysis and overall quantitative optimization for business. You will learn how to achieve measurable business results grounded on scientific analysis of data.

About one quarter of your time is spent interacting with clients in order to better understand their business (mainly over the phone in English). The rest of your time is spent in what could be akin to advanced Excel-like analytics - except that you're dealing with Big Data and Machine Learning through the use of Lokad's platform and DSL.

We are looking for candidates with the following skills and qualities:

  • A strong engineering background (a degree from one of the Grandes Ecoles from France, or equivalent, is usually an excellent fit).
  • A keen interest in data and quantitative analysis in general.
  • Good Excel skills or programming skills.
  • Impeccable command of English (and, ideally, French).
  • Excellent communication skills and telephone manners.
  • A well-made head, rather than a well-filled head. We are not looking for someone who is already an expert in supply chain or programming. We’re looking for a fast learner, with an ability to quickly grasp technology and concepts, since our technology is by no means a simple and plug-and-play product. Knowledge or understanding of supply chain would be a bonus, but the ability to quickly assess and grasp a new situation or get a clear picture of how an organization works and what are the pain points is what we are really after.
  • Candidates must be self-motivated, confident and highly driven to achieve results with a “hands on” attitude.

The role is predominantly office based, although some travel will be occasionally required to customers, partners or events. We are located in the very center of Paris, France (next to subway station “Chevaleret” on Line 6).

You can apply by sending your resume to . Please attach your resume as a plain text, Word, PDF or HTML file. In your email, please shortly explain why you think you would be a good fit for this job.

Note: In this page. we are using the term Business Data Analyst for the sake of clarity when addressing a wide audience that isn't expected to be familiar with Lokad or supply chains. However, a better term would be Supply Chain Scientist.