Senior Big Data engineer

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As a senior Big Data engineer at Lokad, you will help us scale up to the largest supply chain challenges. Supply chains are incredibly complex, and produce heaps of data which need to be crunched from many angles. See Ionic data storage for high scalability in supply chain to get a sense of what's happening at Lokad.

At Lokad, you will benefit from the coaching of an awesome dev team. You will gain skills in advance distributed systems, designing auto-scaling logic and other similar features made possible by cloud computing. You will tackle our infrastructure challenges, in order to improve both performance and reliability. Our codebase is clean, documented and heavily (unit) tested. Our offices are quiet (no open space!), bright, and you can get three monitors.

Skills & Requirements

We expect a vivid interest for distributed architecture. A taste for low-level high performance computing and compilation is also a big plus. Contributions to open source projects are also highly regarded. We are located in front of Chevaleret in Paris (France).

We are a C#/.NET shop, and you will be developing under Visual Studio, the source code being versionned in Git. Our apps are hosted on Microsoft Azure. With the advent of .NET Core, we anticipate a few strategic migrations toward Linux.

The position is in our office of Paris intramuros (France).
Gross salary range: 40,000€ to 60,000€ (depending on your experience)


If you are interested in Lokad, you can apply by sending your resume to . Please attach your resume as a plain text, Word, PDF or HTML file. In your email, please shortly explain why you think you would be a good fit for this job. If you have a website, please send us the URL.