Import data from Megaventory

Inventory Forecasting for Megaventory

Lokad delivers advanced inventory optimization on top of Megaventory. Lokad does not manage your inventory, instead Lokad is a platform that can generate optimized decisions such as your exact purchase order quantities in order to boost service levels and reduce overstocks at the same time.

What does Lokad do for Megaventory?

Lokad specializes in quantitative supply chain. We leverage all your historical data in order to model your business and generate inventory decisions that maximize the economic returns for your company. As such, Lokad is a programmatic platform dedicated to predictive supply chain optimization. The integration with Megaventory takes care of retrieving all the relevant data from your Megaventory account and making this data available in flat file format, ready for further data processing within your Lokad account.

Getting started

The data synchronization logic has been implemented on the Megaventory side. This means that Megaventory has a feature to push its own data toward Lokad. See the Megaventory documentation and this page too. Once the data has been pushed, flat files should be ready for further data processing within your Lokad account.

Data retrieved from Megaventory

The approach adopted by Lokad consists of an extensive retrieval of all the relevant data that is available in the Megaventory account. The data is collected in a series of tabular files that can be further processed with Envision, Lokad's scripting language dedicated to supply chain modelling and optimization.


The file contains the columns:
  • Id: a synthetic identifier composed by Lokad
  • LabelName: the item name
  • StockOnHand: quantity on hand
  • StockOnOrder: quantity on order
  • ServiceLevel: provided on Lokad account configuration
  • LeadTime: provided from the vendor


The file contains the columns:
  • Item_Id: a synthetic identifier composed by Lokad
  • OrderDate: the creation date of the order
  • Quantity: the quantity of the order line