My name is Joannes, I am usually blogging from my own blog, but since we have decided to setup a blog entirely dedicated to Lokad, I am going write directly on this blog.  Lokad is a project that I have started one year ago. This project was initialy titled Supply Chain Optimization, Reducing inventory and Ruptures during a talk in March 2006 at the Entrepreneurship session of the Insead in Fontainbleau (south of Paris). The project vision has been refined since the very first draft, and now Lokad features a much more generic time-series forecasting technology that is no more restricted to supply chain.

But what is COLOSSUS? Actually, COLOSSUS is our internal code-name for the upcoming release of Lokad. We have choosen the Civilization Wonders as the code-name list for the Lokad releases; thus our next release will be code-named LIGHTHOUSE. Despite, it’s name, we have been pushing a lot of work into COLOSSUS to ensure that the resulting web application is as light as possible from the user viewpoint. Simplicity is the key of usability.