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A Nuanced Perspective on Harvard Business School’s Jagged Technological Frontier

Apr 8, 2024

A Nuanced Perspective on Harvard Business School’s Jagged Technological Frontier

A Nuanced Perspective on Harvard Business School’s Jagged Technological Frontier

Conor Doherty reviews a paper by Harvard Business School called Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier. TLDR: Quality is subjective; cost is not.

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RFI, RFP and RFQ madness in supply chain

Over the years, Lokad has gained some notoriety, and we have earned the privilege of being part of an increasingly large number of RFI (request for information), RFP (request for proposal) and RFP (request for quote) related to supply chain optimization.

The maintenance of the optimization

Lokad offers a flat monthly fee for software and expert services, ensuring optimal supply chain performance. Traditional optimization software fails due to inadequate maintenance. Lokad's supply chain scientists maintain automation, requiring ongoing engineering resources to prevent reverting to inefficient spreadsheet management.

The role of IT

In many, probably most, large companies operating a supply chain, the IT department has years of backlog. The backlog is made of a myriad of glitches, inconsistencies, or fragilities that could be fixed but aren’t. Besides creating vast bureaucratic overheads, this endless series of pointless annoyances demotivates everyone.

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Pitfalls of supply chain for aeronautics

Aeronautics companies are fundamentally risk adverse – for very good reasons – and this reflects in the management of the companies’ activity in every area. However, this mentality can be a hindrance when it comes to supply chain, as avoiding risk and not integrating the very concept of risk at the heart of the supply chain means losing sight of what you are optimizing.

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AI chatbot for supply chains and Lokad

Lokad’s own digital assistant has been trained as a supply chain expert. This chatbot has been trained based on the bulk of Lokad’s own supply chain materials. Access to this chatbot is provided free of charge, courtesy of Lokad.

VS Code extension for Envision.

Envision, the domain specific programming language dedicated to the predictive optimization of supply chains just got its first open source VS Code extension that enables code coloring and code validation via compilation.