We have released today Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting v1.0.7. This release comes with many improvements including

  • bugfixes affecting most of the providers (potential issue with in case of paging for large catalogs).
  • performance improvements (zeroes are now stripped out of the time-series at upload).
  • NEW support for Microsoft Office Accounting 2007.

We suggest to upgrade to this new version.

ChangeLog v1.0.7

2007-04-24 [vermorel] NEW LokadWebApiProvider updated to match ’lokadapi.php’ v2.0.0
2007-04-24 [vermorel] NEW Dynacom under MS SQL Server supported.
2007-04-24 [vermorel] TimeSerie compacting added (strong performance improvements for TS upload).
2007-04-24 [vermorel] Smart auto date formatting based on the chosen period.
2007-04-24 [vermorel] Multi-provider BUG: paged queries must be on a per-product basis
    - CommerceStarterKitProvider fixed
    - OsCommerceProvider fixed
    - DynacomMsSqlProvider fixed
    - DotnetCartProvider fixed
    - ECommerceFrameworkProvider fixed
    - MicrosoftAccountingProvider fixed
    - SmileHouseProvider fixed
    - XseDotnetProvider fixed
2007-04-24 [vermorel] Improved setting UI (WS and Prefix are grayed while BG workers).
2007-04-24 [vermorel] Bug fixed for Monthly forecasts.
2007-04-14 [augustin] Bug fixed for OsCommerceProvider (query was invalid for multi-lingual shops).
2007-04-15 [vermorel] New environment variable added LOKAD_DESKTOP_PATH during install.
2007-04-14 [vermorel] NEW Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 supported.