We have started the migration of the Lokad Web Services.

The new WS URL is https://ws.lokad.com/TimeSeries.asmx
(The old URL was https://www.lokad.com/ws/TimeSeries.asmx)

The motivations behind this migration are very similar to app.lokad.com migration that we have previously discussed in this blog.

The old URL will continue to be functional until we have re-released all our packages with the updated default settings. You can already update the WS URLs in use in all your Lokad add-ons. We apologize for the inconvenience. The new WS URL should be much more “stable” for the time being.

Ps: The Lokad Sandbox is being updated in the similar manner.

The new WS URL is https://sandbox-ws.lokad.com/TimeSeries.asmx (The old URL was https://sandbox.lokad.com/ws/TimeSeries.asmx)

Update on 2007-05-17 09:36 by Joannes Vermorel

See follow up #2 and #3.