We are very proud to announce that Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting now supports Paypal starting from version 1.1.3. Lokad Desktop retrieves all your sales history from your Paypal account and generates sales forecasts reports.

The version 1.1.3 also includes a few user interface improvements. In particular, more feedback gets displayed when background tasks are running. Plus a minor bugfix concerning the button state at application startup.

With the support of Paypal, Lokad is now able to deliver sales forecasts to online retailers that are using eCommerce packages still unsupported by Lokad. If you are using another payment provider and you would like Lokad to support this payment provider as well, do not hesitate to give us some community feedback.

Reader Comments (2)

Yes, absolutely. One of the main objective of Lokad is to make forecasting technology available even to very small companies. One of the main benefits of online businesses, is that you can start your business with a working capital close to zero. Lokad helps you to maintain that working capital as low as possible even if your business starts to grow up. 11 years ago | Joannes Vermorel

Is this suited for a one man band running a Micro ISV ? 11 years ago | Tarek Demiati