Sometime small changes makes a large difference. Lokad has been supporting hourly forecasts since December 2006; and we introduce two new periods: half-hour and quarter-hour. Those periods have been introduced to support call centers workload forecasting.

Yet those two additional periods are only the tip of the iceberg of the actual changes within Lokad. Basically, we have improved our forecasting algorithms in the context of call center forecasting, and more generally, of staff scheduling.

Typically, call volume forecasts are used in conjunction with formulas from the queuing theory (the Erlang C formula being a very popular choice in the call center business). Given a forecasted call volume, and some service-related constraints (such as the average waiting time), it becomes possible to compute the exact amount of required personnel.

At this point, we do not have yet any integration add-on readily available to support existing call center management software. If you want your favorite application to be supported by Lokad, do not hesitate to contact us.