The Lokad activity is growing and it feels hard to keep up with the demand. Thus, I have decided to add a careers section to the Lokad website.

We are proud to achieve a 12/12 on the Joel Test, and our goal is to make Lokad a really nice place to work. Open positions include

  • Software developer
  • Intern in software development
  • Intern in marketing
  • Intern or PhD with a mathematics or statistics background

For development works, we are looking for highly talented developers that are willing to take important responsibilities right from the start. We are way too small to afford having people doing less than useful work.

Considering that Lokad is also involving a lot of hard-core mathematical aspects, we are also willing to consider brilliant junior mathematicians with little or no programming experience. We will provide the necessary training to let you turn your mathematical ideas into industrial-strength applications.

Lokad offers the possibility to do a PhD in Computer Science within the company after an internship. Such PhDs get co-directed by Lokad and French university.