Last week, Lokad has been taking part in the Seedcamp day in Paris. Although, this day was essentially a meeting place for founders and VCs, Lokad isn’t really actively seeking investors at this point. For us, Seedcamp was the opportunity to meet a lot of inspiring and experienced entrepreneurs. Press was here too, in particular,

  • Muke Butcher from TechCrunch
  • Christophe Dutheil from vnuet.

![Lokad team (Joannes Vermorel and Guillaume Saint-Jacques) mixed with the Eeple team.]( “Lokad team (Joannes Vermorel and Guillaume Saint-Jacques)

Some photos of the event are available on Flickr. The Lokad team being visible on here, here, and here.

Special thanks to the Microsoft guys (in particular Julien Codorniou) for hosting this event.