Forecasting is important for many industries, but it is critical for the call center industry. Indeed. too much staff and the expenses get out of control. Too few staff and your customers are driven nuts by the long waiting queues.

Call Center Calculator (L3C) is a windows reporting application targeting call center managers to help them optimizing their call centers. The two main features of L3C are call volume forecasts (through Lokad) and staff level optimization (through Erlang C).

In this V1, L3C does not natively support yet many 3rd party applications for call activity logs retrieval. Yet, we provide an Excel import format (because many call center applications support exporting data toward Excel) and a dedicated SQL query editor if you want to directly import data from a database.

The V1 does not handle events (typically marketing events), yet it is possible to manually tweak the staff level suggestions. This feature will be considered for later versions.

Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think, what would be the most needed features and/or the most important 3rd party applications that we need to support. We do our best to address all customer requests.

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