About 18 months ago, we were announcing the release of the API v2. Today, we are proud to announce that Forecasting API v3 is live.

Both Safety Stock Calculator and Call Center Calculator have been already upgraded toward API v3 starting from the versions 2.5 and above.

As a primary benefit the 1h wait delay between data upload and forecast download is no more. We recommend to upgrade toward the latest versions of those apps.

(note: our Excel add-in has not been upgraded yet)

The primary focus of this release is simplicity. Indeed, the API v2 had incrementally grown to +20 web methods with both a certain level of redundancy and a lack of separation of concern.

Then, over the last 18 months, thanks to our growing partner network, we discovered many minor yet annoying glitches in API v2 related to popular programming environments (Java, Python, C++, Apex, …). Thus, we made sure API v3 would avoid designs that prove to be troublesome in some environments.

Also, API v3 comes with both REST and SOAP endpoints. Indeed, REST has emerged as THE approach to ensure maximal interoperability in modern web-oriented enterprise environments, and we are very committed in staying up to the industry standards.

Here are a few facts about API v3:

  • 8 web methods (and only 4 of them actually required to for production usage) while API v2 had +20 methods. Less methods mean less time to spend deciphering our API spec.
  • The .NET Forecasting Client for API v3 has been reduced about 1k lines of code against +10k lines of code for the previous API v2 version.

Since API v3 provides all the features of API v2 while being much simpler, we have already started to migrate all existing service in production toward API v3.

API v2 won’t be available for new users any more, but we will make sure all customers in production are properly migrated before shutting down the service for API v2.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need you need any assistance in this process.