Supply chains are complex and as a result our clients frequently end up with a dozen bespoke dashboards, each dashboard being designed as an entry point to address a key business challenge. As the modelization of the supply chain gets refined over time, the complexity of the Lokad account tends to grow as well, merely reflecting the incremental improvements that have been brought so far.

Recently, we realized that while Lokad is tremendously capable of orchestrating a complex quantitative modelization of a world-spanning supply chain, the user experience could be somewhat overwhelming when logging into an account that contains dozens of advanced dashboards.

Thus, we have released two simple features to improve the situation, namely:

  • home dashboards
  • a supply chain icon library

The home dashboard feature lets you select a dashboard - generated through an Envision script - which becomes the “homepage” of your Lokad account. Any fellow colleague who has access to the Lokad account will be redirected to the home dashboard after logging in. Configuring an existing dashboard to become the home dashboard can be done by checking the option Use as home dashboard as illustrated below.

The supply chain icon library is nothing more than a well chosen collection of icons which happens to be tailored for the frequent use cases. The main color of the icon is also configurable. Below isa small illustrative dashboard that takes advantage of these icons.

For those who might be inclined to roll out their own home dashboard, here is the corresponding script. The URLs would have to be customized to reflect the dashboards that exist in your Lokad account though.

show label "Stock Optimization" a2d2

show label " Purchase Recommendations" \ 
  a3d3 FDAD31 {labelIcon: "manual-list" ; textColor: "#2e3133"}

show label " Item Inspector" \
  a4d4 FDAD31 {labelIcon: "analytics-magnifier" ; textColor: "#2e3133"}

show label "KPIs & Performance" a5d5

show label " Sales Analysis" \
  a6d6 FDAD31 {labelIcon: "gauge-dollar" ; textColor: "#2e3133"}

show label " Stock Analysis" \
  a7d7 FDAD31 {labelIcon: "circular-diagram-analytics" ; textColor: "#2e3133"}