ABC XYZ analysis

Supply chain flashcard on ABC XYZ analysis. ABC XYZ analysis is an advanced version of ABC analysis which obscures true supply chain optimization through layers of unnecessary math and software. Your ABC XYZ analysis provides more categories, but not more profit! Typically the second dimension is demand variance in the assumption of normally distributed demand data. If we factor demand variance, we'll be able to reduce dead stock? ABC XYZ analysis is an extremely lossy compression of data and can be replaced by simple ranking. An image of a man in office dress playing with his son after work at home. They assembled a little pyramid with three layers of cubes: AZ, BY and CX at the bottom layer, BX and AY in the middle layer and AX at the top layer. There is a trash bin behind them with some papers and three cubes CY, BZ and CZ in it.

Artist: Marina Besfamilnaya

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