Micro fulfilment

Supply chain flashcard on micro fulfilment. Microfulfilment is a strategy used by retailers to improve the efficiency of the e-commerce order fulfilment process. WE RECEIVE AN ORDER, PACK IT AND DELIVER TO A CUSTOMER – WE CALL IT MICROFULFILMENT. It is a black hole in the budgets of low-tech buzzword-chasing retailers. LET’S BUILD MICROFULFILMENT CENTERS FOR OUR TOP SELLING PRODUCTS! Without decision automation in micro fulfilment, maintaining product assortment, service quality, and competitive prices is near impossible. An image of an old-school, flashcard-style robot resembling the Star Wars droid R2-D2, handing over a bag of groceries to a futuristic-looking woman standing in front of the ladder to her house.

Artist: Marina Besfamilnaya

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