Supply chain flashcard on DDMRP. DDMRP or Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is multi-echelon inventory strategy for BOMs, using decoupling points and stock buffers in an attempt to correct MRP flaws. 'Heracles recommends more decoupling points.' It consists of heuristics and judgement calls, including the net flow equation, decoupled explosion, and relative priority - none of which capture the random nature and complexity of supply chains. 'As uncertainty increases, meeting service level targets with DDMRP turns into whack-a-mole.' An image depicts a caricature scene of a battle between Heracles and Hydra. At the bottom of the flashcard is a call to action. 'DDMRP is a step forward from MRP, but it's definitely not a leap.'

Artist: Marina Besfamilnaya

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