Supply Chain Scientist Intern at Lokad

Discover the profession of Business Analyst through an internship combining data analysis, business issues and customer relations. As the training period is quite long, we are only able to offer long internships (5 or 6 months minimum). This internship can also be an excellent entry point for a career at Lokad.

To apply, send your resume to
Supply Chain Scientist Intern at Lokad

We help companies in various sectors (aeronautics, fashion, automotive, e-commerce…) to forecast and make decisions concerning their inventories. The majority of our customers are based outside France, mainly in North America and Europe.

The role of the Business Analyst (Supply Chain Scientist in Lokad terminology) is to ensure that our customers get the most out of our technology. It’s a role that straddles technology and data manipulation, and supply chain business knowledge. You’ll tackle complex supply chain issues and develop quantitative strategies. You won’t just be advising your customers on strategies, you’ll be executing them on a day-to-day basis,making the most of all available data. Your aim will also be to continue refining these strategies over time, to align them with your customers’ needs.

At Lokad, you’ll benefit from in-depth training and mentoring from our team of experts. You’ll acquire skills in supply chain, predictive analytics and, more generally, quantitative business optimization. You’ll learn how to achieve measurable results based on scientific data analysis.

Around a quarter of your time will be spent interacting with customers to better understand their business. This interaction takes place mainly at a distance (by e-mail, telephone, videoconference), with occasional travel. For reasons of efficiency, and to make the most of your colleagues’ experience and in-house training, you will not be required to work within the customer’s team or premises.

The remainder of your time will be spent on what might be likened to advanced Excel analyses - except that the amount of data manipulated is out of all proportion, and you will benefit from Machine Learning tools and a DSL (Envision) developed by Lokad.

We are looking for candidates with the following skills and qualities:

  • A solid engineering background: we typically recruit graduates from the Grandes Ecoles.
  • A strong interest in data and quantitative analysis in general.
  • Good Excel skills or familiarity with programming languages of any kind.
  • Very good command of both English and French.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A good head, rather than a full one. We’re not looking for someone who is already an expert in supply chain or programming. We’re looking for someone who can learn quickly and understand the technology and business concepts, because Lokad’s solution is by no means a simple, off-the-shelf product. Knowledge of the supply chain is an advantage, but what we’re looking for above all is the ability to quickly assess and grasp a new situation, or to get a clear idea of how a company operates and what its needs are.
  • Motivated, self-confident candidates with a “hands on” attitude.

The position is mainly based at our head office, although travel to customer meetings and events is sometimes necessary. Our premises are located in the heart of Paris (just opposite Chevaleret station, at 83-85 boulevard Vincent Auriol).