We have just released Lokad OpenShell v1.0 an open source snap-in for Microsoft PowerShell (BSD license). Featured CmdLets provide time-series forecasting algorithms. Technically, Lokad OpenShell interacts with our Web Services.

Lokad OpenShell has been developed in order to facilitate RAD approaches (Rapid Application Development) while integrating the Lokad forecasting technology into your business operations or into your business systems.

CmdLets featured in v1.0 include

Add-TimeValue                     Add a time-value to an existing time-serie
Clear-TimeValues                 Remove all time-values from an existing time-serie
Connect-Lokad                    Specifies the username and password
Disconnect-Lokad                Clears the username and password
Get-Forecast                       Gets a forecasted time-serie
Get-ForecastingTasks         Gets the forecasting task definitions
Get-TimeSerieDetails           Gets the time-serie meta data
Get-TimeSeries                    Gets the time-values associated to the time-series
New-ForecastingTask          Creates a new forecasting task
New-TimeSerie                     Creates a new time-serie
Remove-ForecastingTask    Deletes a forecasting task
Remove-TimeSerie               Deletes a time-serie