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An ongoing market research study is conducted by Lokad on supply chain optimization vendors. This study is formatted as a vendor-on-vendor assessment. The study presents a series of conflicting views from the vendors themselves about their peers.

Methodology behind the report: Adversarial Market Research
Download the report: version 0.2, last revised March 27th, 2021

Any software vendor that operates in the segment of supply chain optimization is eligible. Answers must be given in plain text English without any formatting. Your answers to the two questions (present yourself, present your peers) should be sent to More details on page 2 of the report itself.

Answers will be published AS IS. The publisher does not endorse or support the views of any vendor except its own. The publisher reserves the right to not publish a copy if the vendor is not deemed to even operate in the supply chain optimization segment. Common sense restrictions apply as well (e.g. professional tone).

Previous versions: 0.1