We are very proud of our rock-bottom prices for our business forecasting services. Still unconvinced that Lokad is deadly cheap? Then I suggest you hire a consultant for a market study to check whether or not it exists a cheaper solution on the market :-). Warning: this advice may cost you more than 10 years of Lokad services. Yet, thinking again about our prices, it did appear to us that our terms and conditions were obscure somehow.

Thus, we have added a whole new section on top of our pricing page “a whole new section on top of our pricing page”.

In a nutshell

  • nothing is ever paid upfront.
  • payment happens only if you are amazingly satisfied.
  • no remorse, 90-days-money-back-no-question-asked.
  • community contributions are rewarded.

Thus, now there is no excuse left not to give a try on Lokad.

(note: those conditions have been largely inspired from Joel Spolsky on customer services )