Currently, Lokad provides 3 subscription plans

  • Free: cost nothing, no 3rd party integration
  • Professional: paid, no 3rd party integration, CSV reports
  • Enterprise: paid, 3rd party integration available, CSV reports

 CSV = Comma Separated Reports, a downloadable report available from the Lokad Web Application.

But all subscription plans are not born equal, and the level of interest among our customers for the “Professional” plan (that is supposed to provide downloadable reports from the Lokad Web Application) has been close to zero so far. There are several reasons for this situation, the main reason being that those “reports” are just very weak and unpractical when compared to a complete integration with one of the Lokad add-ons.

The path taken for the Professional plan was wrong (my idea, mea culpa), and as a result, it can potentially confuse prospective customers. Thus, the Professional subscription plan will be removed soon. The very few customers relying on this plan will be upgraded  to the  “Enterprise”  plan at no extra cost (we will compensate for the transition).

The initial idea was to provide an intermediate plan between Free and Enterprise for customers with very limited needs. I still believe that there is some particular needs for small eCommerce retailers who can’t afford the Enterprise plan. We have already started to design a new subscription plan to fill-up this need. Stay tuned…

Update on 2007-05-14 14:39 by Joannes Vermorel

We have just upgraded the Lokad Website and Web Application. The ‘Professional’ plan has been removed. As a consequence, we hope that it clarifies our pricing page. You can contact us if you have any question with this migration.