A couple of weeks ago, we were announcing the new capabilities of the Forecasting API v2, namely tags and events.

We are proud to announce that our Forecasting API v2 has just been released. In addition to this release, we are also shipping Lokad SDK for .NET, a development-oriented library designed to facilitate the integration of Lokad within Microsoft .NET applications.

Forecasting API version 2

Forecasting API v2 is the next generation of our cross-platform application interface for accessing Lokad business analysis and forecasting services.

It allows software developers and integrators to easily add forecasting features to their products.

Forecasting API v2 supports SOAP Web Services and features:

  • Time-serie operations.
  • Management of Tags and Events for improved forecasting quality.
  • Efficient retrieval and submission of large data sets (batching and paging).
  • Methods that simplify migration from the previous version of Forecasting API.
  • Additional methods for user support and revenue sharing programs.

Note, that the first version of Forecasting API will be supported for the backwards compatibility. Yet, it is recommended to migrate to the second version to obtain access to the new advanced features such as tags and events, and ultimately obtain better forecasting results.

Please, check out our Forecasting API v2 product page for the documentation links and more details.

Lokad Software Development Kit for .NET

Lokad SDK for .NET targets popular Microsoft .NET framework platform. It simplifies all development tasks related to the integration with the Lokad forecasting technologies.

This SDK is free and includes following resources:

  • Libraries for developing .NET apps that leverage our forecasting technologies.
  • Sources of the Lokad SDK for.NET.
  • Sample applications.
  • Reference Documentation for the API and the SDK.
  • Free testing server made available for developers.

Lokad SDK allows .NET developers to leverage the API v2 without the need to deal with the mundane tasks of:

  • Implementing and coding against Forecasting API v2 web-services.
  • Validating requests before sending them.
  • Breaking down large requests to avoid timeouts and performing paging.
  • Handling connectivity issues and other exceptions.

You can download Lokad SDK for .NET for free or visit the product page for more information.

Any feedback is appreciated, as always. We will be glad to hear any comments, questions or integration stories from you.