Data analytics is an ubiquitous challenge. Whenever there is business, there are data - and wherever data are, Kirix Strata is going to bring them to you.

But Kirix Strata can do much more than that. At Lokad, we have been quite impressed by the amount things that were easy to achieve with Kirix Strata even when the product was still in beta. Now that Kirix Strata is completely ready for production, it’s even better.

Ever felt the need to organize your business data for strategic thinking? but never done it because it was just too complicated. If so, Kirix is definitively a solution for you.

Yet, one minor feature was lacking from Kirix Strata though: forecasting. We are very proud to announce that Lokad has become the first Strata extension that takes advantage of Strata’s web scripting capabilities in order to bring advanced forecasting to this great product.

The Kirix team has just released an excellent video that demonstrates how Strata/Lokad works. Enjoy the show!

The YouTube version