Many people at Lokad are bloggers. We try to keep the official blog focused on our core forecasting business, but here is a sample of posts made by team members during the last week.

3 Low-Competition Niches In Retail Software by Joannes Vermorel, Founder at Lokad. Software developers seem to be herd animals. They like to stay very close to each other. As a result, the marketplace ends up riddled with hundreds of ToDo lists while other segments are deserted, despite high financial stakes. During my routine browsing of software business forums, I have noticed that the most common answer to “Why the heck are you producing yet another ToDo list?” is the desperately annoying “Because I can’t find a better idea.” Read more.

A simple, non-technical definition of cloud computing by Matthias Steinberg, CEO at Lokad. Last year, I found myself researching the market for investment opportunities in ‘cloud computing companies’, driven by the insight that this was a rapidly growing market. Yet, it felt a bit like hunting the Yeti as I was having a hard time understanding what exactly cloud computing is, and what it is not. Realizing that I shared this confusion with a lot of my peers, I thought it is worth sharing some insights I gained in the last month. Read more.

 Lokad.CQRS v2.0 Framework and Docs for Windows Azure by Rinat Abdullin, Technology Lead at Lokad. The project was started 1.5 years ago to provide simple light-weight service bus for Windows Azure Cloud. It did the job well and eventually got accepted into more projects inside Lokad and outside as well. This gave us more feedback from the production usages in cloud, along with new development experience and CQRS ideas. Second version builds upon that and also includes first decent documentation. Read more.