(disclaimer: post below is rather technical stuff targeting a developer audience)

Lokad.CQRS for Windows Azure is a guidance and framework on efficiently building solutions for the cloud. It fits distributed and scalable enterprise scenarios as well as small and cost-effective solutions.

Our forecasting technology is not open source, but we are very eager to share our experience, and get feedback too, about the building blocks that support our technology.

Lokad.CQRS is based on our experience at running apps on the cloud and on our R&D investments (we did win the first Windows Azure Partner Award 2010 from Microsoft), a lot of existing theory (i.e.: Efficient Development series, CQRS, etc) and numerous production-proven .NET building blocks.

First release manifests an important milestone for us. It includes Azure Starter binaries (available in the downloads), tutorials with samples (1-4) and a large list of reference materials.