Testing and benchmarking of competing OOS (out-of-shelf) monitoring systems is an important step in quantifying the value of such systems for a retailer, and in identifying the most suitable vendor. After introducing the OOS domain in a first whitepaper, we take a closer look at how to best setup a trial and benchmark of competing OOS monitoring systems.

Cover of the OOS whitepaper by Lokad

Benchmarking OOS systems is fairly straightforward, provided that the test is carefully planned. The good news is that key performance characteristics – precision and sensitivity – can be quantified in a test, which leads to objective benchmark results and a fair comparison of system performance.

Our whitepaper on benchmarking OOS monitoring systems covers among other topics

  • Benchmark critera
  • Methodologies for making OOS monitoring systems comparable
  • Quantification of system profibability
  • Project phases and execution

Are we missing some interesting aspects of testing these systems? or do you have experience with OOS monitoring systems in operation you want to share? Please let us know in the comments.