QuickBooks is the number one accounting software for small- and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. and Canada. For years, we have received on-going integration requests to export QuickBooks data to Salescast, our inventory optimization web app. We tried a few methods; however those initiatives did not turn out practical nor provided the smooth user experience that we were hoping for.

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During our exchanges with merchants over the last couple of months, Webgility was mentioned and praised for their QuickBooks integration solution called eCommerceConnector (eCC). We contacted the Webgility team, and worked closely with their developers to incorporate Salescast into eCC. Fast-forward a few weeks later, we’re happy to announce a new service for eCommerce merchants using Salescast and QuickBooks!

Webgility’s eCC now supports Salescast integration with their QuickBooks integration. By connecting their QuickBooks company file and Salescast account with eCC, merchants can automatically export store data from QuickBooks to Salescast to do forecasting. In addition, eCC connects with the online store(s) and automatically records sales transactions as a sales receipt/invoice in QuickBooks. It also synchronizes products, pricing and inventory across the online channels and QuickBooks. Now eCommerce merchants can easily track sales and products, manage their accounting and finances, and grow their business with informed forecasted data.