Since December 2012, Salescast supports importing TSV files. However, until now, Salescast was expecting you to plug your own FTP server to retrieve those files. We felt this was an unnessary complication.

Indeed, while there are a myriad of file hosting services available on the web, we have found that most of them are simply not good at supporting business data transfers: annoying limits are encountered with:

  • the maximal number of concurrent connections,
  • the maximal file size,  
  • the maximal bandwidth,

Thus, we decided to roll our own.

We are proud to announce the immediate availaility of our FTP hosting service. Upload and download files from Lokad. The Express Plan comes with 1GB of free storage and 1GB of free bandwidth (per month). This service is compatible with Salescast and the other apps of Lokad.

**Technical nugget:**In order to deliver maximum scalability and reliability, this service is built on top of Windows Azure - like all the other technologies developed at Lokad. The architecture schema below illustrates how we scale out the workload on multiple virtual machines.