The Lokad facility where the first quantum forecaster prototype is hosted.

Delivering more accurate forecasts has been the mission of Lokad since the very beginning. Today, after years of R&D efforts, we are extremely proud to announce the immediate availability of new quantum forecasting technology that delivers unprecedented forecast accuracy well beyond the performance routinely achieve by statistical forecasting technologies.

This technology leverages several key aspects of quantum mechanics, and in particular the Heisenberg reverse uncertain principle that states that there a fundamental limit to the imprecision of measurements made on the physical properties of particles such as position and momentum.

From a demand forecasting viewpoint, it means that by shaping the course of particles to follow the patterns of observed in say, a time-series representing sales over time, the laws of physics guarantee a minimal amount of precision on the measurements to be made when the particles are observed continuing their trajectory beyond the point representing the “present”. Those measurements represent the physical projection of the time-series, that is, in layman terms, the actual demand forecast. Instead of relying on statistics, the quantum forecast leverages the law of physics themselves to produce the forecast.

Schema of the Lokad quantum forecaster facility in Ufa, Russia

While the implications and benefits of quantum mechanics in terms of forecasting have been known to specialists for decade, the physical design of a quantum forecaster had remained an incredible challenge. A couple of years ago, Lokad opened a large scale facility in Ufa (Russia) to build such a device.

It took us a long time to get it built, and an ever longer time to get it properly tuned. In particular, the launch was delayed because quantum interferences caused by the Large Hadron Collider operated by the CERN which proved to be troublesome. The addition of several extra Higgs boson detectors did finally solve the problem. At present time, Lokad is actively working on the miniaturization of the quantum forecaster.

We don’t have a public pricing yet, but don’t hesitate to contact us.