Since our last revision of the Salescast pricing 18 months ago, our webapp has been steadily evolving. In particular, thanks to a growing number of software partners, Salescast is increasingly accessible to very small retailers or distributors.

So far, we had two plans for Salescast:

  • Express, which is free and does not expire.
  • Enterprise, which starts at $750 / month.

Obviously, there is quite a gap between the Express and the Enterprise plans, and filling this gap is the exact purpose of the new Professional Plan which comes with a flat monthly fee at $225.

When upgrading toward the Professional Plan, you get:

  • 2 projects instead of one, which is very handy to support testing vs production environments.
  • support for bundles and kits which represent a specific inventory challenge.
  • access to the REST API of Salescast to streamline the refresh of the inventory reports.
  • email support, albeit with a low SLA, as the Lokad team may take up to 72h to reply.

While, exporting forecasts as flat files for full end-to-end inventory automation remains only accessible to companies under the Enterprise Plan, the Professional Plan is typically best suited for companies under 5 million USD of turnover.

Best wishes for 2014