It was already possible to schedule the refresh of an inventory forecasting report through the usage of a WebCron, however, the actual walkthrough was somewhat convoluted. Thus, we decided to make things simpler, and starting from today, Lokad supports a built-in integration with

The Configure Project section has been expanded with a new subsection named Schedule the project runs as illustrated in the screenshot below.

In order to get started, you should start by opening an account on; they have an Express Plan, free of charge, sufficient to get started. Once you are registered, clicking the link within the Configure Project page will redirect you to, which all the relevant settings pre-configured for you.

Just save your job, and it’s done!. Then, if you want to go further, provides extensive scheduling capabilities.

This new setup is more secure. EasyCron does not get any access to your Lokad account. EasyCron is merely granted the power to start the refresh of one forecasting project, and nothing else.

Scheduled executions are restricted to one execution per day maximum for a given project; in practice, it’s vastly sufficient for inventory optimization purposes.