The web was not really intended to transfer giganormous files. In order to do that, there are other (older) protocols like FTP (the File Transfer Protocol) or its secure alternative FTPS and SFTP. Lokad was already supporting many file receiving options, including web uploads. However, until today, our web uploads were restricted to files weighing less than 200MB.

Today, we have released a new version of our web upload features, and it’s now possible to upload arbitrarily large files through your favorite web browser into Lokad. Our web upload component is smart enough to perform retries, so if your internet connection faces glitches midway, it will not restart the upload from scratch, but resume the transfer.

While uploading a 10GB flat file through your web browser might not be a very practical option when operating in production, it can be very handy to quickly get started with Lokad; especially if you’re not too comfortable with FTP clients like FileZilla.

Ps: we never pushed any official announcement, but we have been supporting public key authentication for SFTP for a while as well.