Once again, we are hiring. We are looking for a Software Engineer and a Business Data Analyst.

Software Engineer

You will integrate a team of talented software engineers in order to further develop our cloud-based data crunching apps. We have infrastructure, data processing, scalability and reliability challenges, and need your help in addressing them.

At Lokad, you will benefit from the coaching of an awesome dev team. You will gain skills in Big Data processing and cloud computing apps. Our codebase is clean, documented and heavily (unit) tested. Our offices are quiet (no open space!), bright, and you can get three monitors.

We are a C#/.NET shop, and you will be developing under Visual Studio, the source code being versioned in Git. Our apps are hosted on Microsoft Azure. In addition, with .NET Core coming later this year, we also anticipate a few strategic migrations towards Linux.

We expect you to have strong software development skills. A taste for low-level high performance computing is a big plus, and a vivid interest for distributed systems is very much appreciated. Contributions to open source projects are also highly regarded.

Big Data Analyst

Your role is to make sure our clients get the most from Lokad. You will address complex supply chain issues and craft quantitative strategies. Your goal is also to keep refining these strategies over time to keep them aligned with the needs of our fast-growing clients.

At Lokad, you will benefit from the extensive training and coaching of our expert team. You will gain skills in Big Data, predictive analysis and overall quantitative optimization for business. You will learn how to achieve measurable business results grounded on scientific analysis of data.

About one quarter of your time is spent interacting with clients in order to better understand their business, (mainly over the phone in English). The rest of your time is spent in what could be akin to advanced Excel-like analytics; except that you’re dealing with Big Data and Machine Learning through the use of Lokad’s platform.

We expect you to have a keen interest in data and quantitative analysis in general. Good Excel skills are a plus; and having even the most modest programming skills is a bonus too. An engineering background is usually a good fit. We also expect you to be fluent in English as the majority of our clients are located overseas. 2 years or more of professional experience are expected.

About Lokad

To apply, just drop your resume at contact@lokad.com.

Lokad is a software company that specializes in Big Data for commerce. We help merchants and a few other verticals (aerospace, manufacturing) to forecast their inventory and optimize their prices. We are profitable and we are growing fast. We are closing deals in North America, Europe and Asia. The vast majority of our clients are based outside of France. We are located 50m from Place d’Italie in Paris (France).