Reaching 20,000 followers on LinkedIn is a significant milestone, particularly when taken in context: Lokad is unreservedly countercultural, often to a degree that seems contrarian. However, what (occasionally) seems (very) contrarian is, in fact, the ongoing public development of a new supply chain philosophy.

3D digital illustration of business growth, featuring a rising arrow, financial charts, and bars in orange, black, and white on a grid backdrop.

Several times every week, Lokad publishes (free) resources designed to spread this new philosophy, and shares these on LinkedIn. As such, it is notable that 20,000 supply chain professionals/enthusiasts/academics follow a company that is, in its DNA, non-mainstream and fundamentally challenges many of the industry’s sacred shibboleths.

I look forward to seeing how the latest evolutionary step in the process - AI Pilots - shapes this philosophy going forward (and how it is received). If you have not already done so, be sure to follow Lokad’s LinkedIn to be part of the ongoing conversation on AI’s role in shaping smarter, more efficient supply chains.