Supply chain flashcard on Kanban. Kanban is one of the several offsprings of the Toyota Production System. This replenishment policy is widespread in manufacturing and is intended to reduce waste while improving efficiency. See an empty box with the Kanban card? Replenish! Kanban is a low-hanging fruit for software vendors as part of their take-the-money-and-run strategy. Our electronic Kanban solution is built on top of cutting-edge AI. The image part of the flashcard is featuring two woman watching football on a TV. They are drinking beer and eating potato chips. One plate with the chips is full and another one is empty. There is a house man dressed in an apron holding another plate full of chips and taking out the empty one. The bottom line says: Despite its simplicity and convenience, Kanban remains a static and local perspective that is blind to certain classes of risks and rewards.

Artist: Marina Besfamilnaya

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