Digital Twin (in Supply Chain)

Supply chain flashcard on Digital Twin. Digital Twin is a virtual model of a supply chain that is frequently portrayed as a futuristic, holographic control room, where the executives can play master and commander of their business empire. Your digital twin will revolutionize our supply chain! they exclaim, while the IT department quietly sobs into their keyboards. It is a glorified 3D model that gives the illusion of precision, control and insight, while the real supply chain is in permanent chaos. With our digital twin, we'll foresee every issue! - yet somehow that minor glitch that grounded the entire fleet wasn't in the simulation. The image part of the flashcard features an executive with Meta-like VR set picking modes of transportation for goods, while at the background there is a container ship in a rough sea loosing containers of board. The bottom line says, Digital Twins are essentially vaporware. Invest in solutions that actually embrace the uncertainty in your supply chain.

Artist: Marina Besfamilnaya

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