Technical Writer Job at Lokad

We are looking for a technical writer to improve, update, and extend Lokad’s technical documentation. This documentation is primarily about a DSL (domain-specific language) named Envision, engineered by Lokad for the predictive optimization of supply chains.

To apply, send your resume to

Lokad is a company created in 2008 and specialized in supply chain optimization. We help companies from different sectors (aeronautics, fashion, automotive, e-commerce…) to forecast and make decisions regarding their inventories. The majority of our clients are based outside of France, mainly in North America and Europe. Our team of about 50 people is entirely based in Paris, but composed of international profiles, mostly engineers. Lokad is growing rapidly and is always looking for people who can grow with the company.

What you will do

As a technical writer, you will write and maintain the documentation of Envision and Lokad’s platform. This documentation includes tutorials, how-to guides, introductions, and references – following the Diataxis framework. This documentation is used daily by Lokad’s teams of Supply Chain Scientists, as well as by a growing number of supply chain practitioners outside Lokad. You will operate under the direct supervision of Lokad’s CTO. You will interact with the Software Engineering team to understand the stream of changes brought to Envision and to the Lokad platform. You will also interact with our Supply Chain Scientists to understand where they struggle the most, and what exactly deserves to be better documented, or documented under a different format.

On-the-job support

Documenting a programming language is a challenge. You will need to embrace unusual programming paradigms and become capable at conveying not only what Envision does, but also why it does it that way. However, you won’t be alone. You will receive extensive support from both Supply Chain Scientists and Software Engineers at Lokad in order to acquire all the raw insights needed to produce the desired documentation. Moreover, you will benefit from mentoring and the support of Lokad’s leadership team. We pride ourselves on the standard and quality of our documentation (both internal and external), so you will receive all necessary guidance and support. Our long-term goal is to empower the new team member so that they can contribute to the development of the Envision technological roadmap. To achieve this, you will have to demonstrate the capacity to understand Envision, to convey this understanding to other people, and to forge a convincing opinion about what deserves to be improved in this DSL.

Candidate profile

We are looking for candidates with the following skills and qualities: Excellent English skills (writing and speaking) - CEFR C1/2. Proficient with a variety of programming languages (specific languages don’t matter to us) Organized, detail-oriented nature, able to deliver results regularly and on time. French-language skills are not required. Supply chain expertise/experience is not required. A well-made head, rather than a well-filled head. You will need to learn fast and quickly understand the company and its tools. A writing portfolio (articles, guides, or any other sort of publications) is a big plus.

The position is permanent full-time employment (CDI) based at our headquarters. Our offices are located in the center of Paris (just across from the Chevaleret subway station, at 83-85 boulevard Vincent Auriol).